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NAVYFEL drysuit fully explains the definition of global production. Divers all over the world give design ideas, and high-tech waterproof fabrics come from Britain and South Korea. Valves come from Sweden, zippers come from Japan, and are finally made into goods by the best Chinese workers in the world.

As the lightest and quick-drying model of NAVYFEL, EXCEL is very popular among divers in tropical areas and need to travel around the world. EXCEL can be packed in dry bags 30 minutes after the water comes out.

• weight:3.2kg(neoprene sock)

• fabric:nylon/butyl rubber / nylon(trilaminate imported from the united kingdom)

• Telescopic torso design allows maximum range of movement

• an additional zipper is fixed outside the waterproof zipper(the waterproof zipper includes YKK nylon zipper、NF metal zipper、RIRI nylon zipper and YKK metal zipper options)

• choice of APEKS or SITECH inflate and exhaust valves

• two large thigh pockets, additional small zipped pocket

• Cordura or Kevlar knee pads

• HD latex neck seal covered by 3mm Neoprene

• HD latex wrist seal

• SITECH silicone neck and wrist system optional

• Flex dry boots or 5mm neoprene socks

• NAVYFEL three-dimensional suspenders,

• medium pressure hose

• PVC mesh wear-resistant bag

• 3-year warranty


As the lightest and quick-dry model of NAVYFEL,EXCEL is deeply loved by tropical areas and divers who need to travel around the world. EXCEL can dryly packed 30minutes after dive.


Technical diving 、wreck diving 、cave diving and other exploration diving ,Need to travel a lot or tropical areas.

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