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NAVYFEL drysuit fully explains the definition of global production. Divers all over the world give design ideas, and high-tech waterproof fabrics come from Britain and South Korea. Valves come from Sweden, zippers come from Japan, and are finally made into goods by the best Chinese workers in the world.

Navyfel CN5.0 drysuits are made of chloroprene rubber with a thickness of 5.5 mm. It has the advantages of keeping warm, wear resistance, puncture resistance and high cost performance of chloroprene rubber material. Widely used in diving scenes such as naval defense and rescue units, fire rescue departments, marine pastures, engineering and municipal administration, etc.

• weight: 7.5kg(neoprene sock)

• fabric: nylon drill cloth/compressed neoprene/ nylon N cloth(neoprene imported from south korea)thickness:5.5mm

• shoulder and back NFmetal waterproof zipper

• SITECH inflate and exhaust valves made in Sweden

• Kevlar bulletproof material knee pads

• HD latex neck seal covered by 3mm Neoprene

• HD latex wrist seal

• SITECH silicone neck and wrist system optional

• Flex dry boots or 5mm neoprene socks

• NAVYFEL three-dimensional suspenders,

• medium pressure hose

• PVC mesh wear-resistant bag

• 3-year warranty


Navyfel CN5.0 drysuit are made of 5.5MM neoprene。It has the advantages of warmth, wear resistance, puncture resistance, and high cost performance. Widely used in naval defense and rescue units, fire rescue departments, marine ranches, engineering municipalities and other diving scenarios.


commercial diving in cooler waters for fishing, ship repair, rescue, etc.

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