The founding group of NAVYFE is a group of fanatical divers, including British shipwreck divers, Mexican cave divers and divers serving the disciplined forces. Many people have more than 25 years of diving experience.

During the perennial diving, they found that the lower water temperature limits the diving limit of most divers. In winter and early spring, the lower water temperature is often considered unsuitable for diving, and many people can dive for only a few months in the year.

Ordinary neoprene diving suits are bloated and inflexible, while thin three-layer crushed cloth diving suits are very expensive and ill-fitting, which blocks divers' enthusiasm for diving in winter.

Diving is artificially divided into diving season and non-diving season, and they are determined to change this situation.

At the beginning of 2018, NAVYFEL was formally established, and challenges followed.

Develop new dry clothes products. The main challenge is to combine the key points of safety, reliability, fit, personalization and cost performance into the best solution. The first 100 products of the project were carried out by group members and test divers around the world in various environments and for a year. Find problems in use, solve problems, and then use them until the product is perfected. The feedback after test was huge, and the whole company was ready to listen and sort out all their suggestions, both old divers and novices.

It turns out that diver-manufacturer interaction helps us grow and progress rapidly. The application of high technology also makes NAVYFEL's products more and more light and durable, and can be purchased by ordinary divers.

We will always work hard to meet the needs of divers and expand the margin of diving.

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